What is SEOlater?


  • SEOlater is a deep keyword research system based on a spreadsheet.
  • Being spreadsheet-based, gives you maximum flexibility and insight into the simple formulas which evaluate all the keywords.
  • SEOlater shows you how to discover the highest quality keywords using multiple free resources on the web.
  • It gives you in-depth, intimate knowledge of how SEO works and arms you with an understanding that will give you a powerful edge over anyone who doesn’t know this – and that’s the vast majority of your competitors.
  • The implementation methodology in SEOlater allows you to create pages which naturally attract high Google search result ranks, thus giving you as much super-targeted and prequalified traffic as you can handle.

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  • SEOlater explains how keyword research, page optimization and backlinking works without any dogma. Logical and experiential proof is always provided encouraging you to verify it all by yourself, if you’re so inclined.
  • SEOlater is a system which will grow with you for as long as you do SEO or internet marketing. Its customizable interface as well as its very sensible guidance to SEO principles will allow you to develop your own unique style.
  • There are no necessary further costs involved in running SEOlater. If you invest in more SEO programs or systems it will be more out of convenience or choice than necessity.
  • Your SEOlater subscription fully covers new tools, ongoing updates and modifications. SEOlater continues to grow and expand, with new research being added on a regular basis, which ensures that it will always be up to date.
  • The SEOlater philosophy all-but-guarantees that you will always be able to head off any algorithm changes which Google – or other search engines – are ever likely to introduce.

Comparing SEOlater

What You Can Do With SEOlater

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  • Logically group your keywords so they are not just one big unordered list
  • Understand IN DETAIL, EXACTLY how the research is done & why
  • Customize your research so your results are unique to you!
  • Exhaustively & accurately research your niche & competitors
  • Focus on conquering ENTIRE NICHES. Not just a few keywords.
  • Fast & reliable support directly from the creator
  • Use additional analysis factors that NO OTHER systems use
  • And, naturally, it comes with 60-day a full money-back guarantee!

I made a little video to give you a better feel for what SEOlater is all about. Once you’ve watched it, you’ll probably think I’ve given away too many “secrets”. But that’s just a sampling! SEOlater is full of this kind of value and it not only smashes a lot of myths but can hopefully provide you with new, testable insights into the fog of popular SEO knowledge. Also, I know that when I purchase I.M. products I want to know as much as possible before I buy. As do you.

So, have a look:

How Difficult Is SEOlater To Use?

seolaterAt FIRST glance, some people think this is going to be very difficult. Paricularly those who aren’t used to working with spreadsheets. In practice, however, virtually all the users report not just “huge relief” that the system is in fact very easy to work with, but also their amazement at just how powerful – and empowering – the whole SEOlater experience really is.

It forces you to go at a measured pace – exactly the pace you will need if you want SERIOUS success on the web. One of the most common fallacies of the vast majority of the “push-button” solutions is that they not only hide the nuts and bolts of YOUR BUSINESS from you, but also that they lead you into a FALSE sense of accomplishment.

Fewer than 1 in 1000 marketers succeed online! And they have the full use of all those automated systems (with the notable exception of AI-SEO). The odds of succeeding are much lower than winning a lottery! Doesn’t this tell you something’s not quite right here?

SEOlater takes the “chance” element almost entirely out of the picture. If you invest the time (don’t worry it’s not “that” much time either and it is a lot of fun!), you WILL break through. Every single SEOlater user whom I have instructed personally has achieved breakthrough! The reports I’ve been getting from users who bought the public version of this system are also incredibly inspiring (you can read a number of the endorsements SEOlater has received on the Login/Become a Member page)

What You'll Get With SEOlater:

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  • 1 NO Upsells, NO OTO’s, NO Hassle. Once you purchase this system here, you’ll be directed to the membership area where you can learn all about SEOlater and download the spreadsheet template and an additional tool or two. 
  • 2 Learn How It Works. You’ll need a working spreadsheet program (such as Excel) to use the system. Follow the instruction videos on the membership site to learn how best to use this methodology and browse around the site reading all sorts of rather unusual information I’ve placed there. The videos will guide you step by step through the process of researching the best keywords for your needs using public (FREE) resources.
  • 3 Trust But Verify. You’ll learn many new theories as well as pretty awesome secrets here, some of which even seasoned webmasters don’t yet know. You’ll soon realize that you NOW have an instant edge! SEOlater is fully an original work, almost entirely based on in-house research. You’ll be among the FIRST to know what I discovered.
  • 4 Gather Your Keyword Data For Free. Once you collect keyword suggestions which include ideas from your toughest competitors as well as worldwide usage statistics, using as many – or as few – free research tools as you like, you’ll be  shown how to easily compile them into one master sheet. 
  • 5 Evaluate Your Keywords. Once you have your master sheet ready, you’ll be shown how to subjectively evaluate your keywords according to the principles unique to SEOlater.  Once you’ve done the personal evaluation, you’ll be shown how to get SEOlater to do an automated evaluation of all your data.
  • 6 Optimize Your Site. Then, once you have your final keyword worksheet, you’ll be shown how to implement the best keywords on your site and how to proceed to conquer as many keywords as you like. 
  • 7 Plan Your Subsequent Work. The master keyword sheet will then serve you as your super-fast reference guide for all the subsequent work on your site. Nothing is more useful than that! You will be able to use SEOlater for more than just keyword discovery. You’ll be shown short-cuts for how to research your competition and your niche as well as suggestions for best keyword-based domain names,  should you want to get into that as well.
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  • 8 Customize The Work-flow. SEOlater allows you to work with your keywords like no other program of its kind BECAUSE it’s based within a spreadsheet. It allows you to flexibly modify the formulas (if you so choose!) as well as customize the workflow to best suit your style. As a result, YOUR SEOlater will be unique to you and will give you your own special edge that no one else has!
  • 9 Get Support If You Need It. SEOlater is an on-going project and a labor of love, so you will be able to keep coming back to the members area and get more information and latest updates as time goes by. You’ll also have access to me and be able to ask for (free) support if ever you get stuck. You’ll also get a special discount rate to upgrade to Keyword Aikido, when it comes out in a couple of months! All of the above without having to pay any more than you already have! SEOlater is intended for anyone, beginner or advanced, as a simple but professional-level keyword discovery  methodology, and as such it has few equals.
  • 10 UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE. I do NOT want your money if you don’t like SEOlater or won’t use it. If you bought it believing it was something else – less work, more buttons to push, less to watch, less to read. If, after purchasing SEOlater you decide that it’s too much for you, simply email me within 30 days from your purchase to get your unconditional refund – from my PayPal to yours. I WILL in such a case ask you your reasons why, but if you choose not to tell me, you’ll still get your refund. I will ask simply because I’ll want to better understand how to further improve SEOlater. Fair enough?

Enjoy SEOlater!




So that’s it then, isn’t it?

I hope you will enjoy SEOlater!

🙂 paul

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