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Unlike ordinary SEO which is static
AI-SEO is dynamic.


It Adapts

It adapts to the goals of the business owner

It adapts to your business model and the theme of your target website

It Learns

It learns about your business type and its unique characteristics

It also studies any applicable local geographical areas where the clients or prospects are visiting from

 And it learns what other related topics your prospects are researching!

It Discovers and Evaluates

 AI-SEO extrapolates from the keywords provided by the site owner and discovers keywords people are actually using

 AI-SEO also discovers the current market conditions as well as the latest search engine requirements

It even evaluates the line speed on both ends

It also evaluates overall market and business trends

 And it deeply analyzes all of these and other parameters, processes them basing on the guidelines that the business owner has requested, and even attempts to close a sale!

It Interacts

It instantanously responds to searches within 15 miles (or nearest) in case of local business sites

It carries out intelligent dialogues with all the  parties: the site owner, the client’s requests and the search engines

In all cases, it keeps the owner up to date on all developments, and alerts the owner in real time when clients turn away without making a purchase

It can be updated via SMS text from any phone. Updates can show up on any page you like!

It can also be updated by email without even opening the back-end of the site!

Blogs with open or closed comments can also be updated easily.

Your visitors can post comments or discuss any page or post at the bottom of the screen, if you so choose.

You can make special requests as well!

It Generates Leads

This extraordinary feature is included in the AI-SEO system!

AI-SEO can contact your prospect and when they respond, it will follow up by email. So – not just superb quality traffic byt also HOT LEADS supplied directly to your inbox! FREE, once you subscribe to AI-SEO!

It Can Even Auto Dial!

AI-SEO can also deliver your recorded message to prospects  over the phone and send interested clients directly to you!

These are just some of the features of AI-SEO. There is nothing like this on the market today. It adapts itself to all types of sites and client requirements. It relieves you of all technical work – leaving you  free to focus on your site’s content and conversion power.

It Guarantees Results

The AI-SEO technology is so efficient that it can guarantee thousands of visits per day for any website – or your money back!

If you ever tried CPC or other forms of paid ads or media buys, you already know just how expensive that game can be. Say goodbye to all that with AI-SEO!

It’s Proven To Work

Nearly a thousand companies (some of them among the biggest in the world) are currently using AI-SEO – and without exception, they’re all dominant in their niches and profitable.


For What It Is – It’s Unbelievably

Most marketers and online businesses spend inordinate amounts of money on things like SEO and IM courses, keyword research, backlinking, article writing, advertising, human resources, research, networking, CPC, CPM, CPV, etc. Depending on their budgets, they fall into these categories:

 Users of “Free” resources which, typically cost them between $1000 and $3000 per year, not counting their own work value. Basing on available research, nearly 99% of of all these people (who number in the millions!) FAIL to reach profitability. Even people who claim not to spend “a penny” on their IM efforts, in reality wind up spending at least a few hundred dollars per year – if they’re actually serious about their work.

  Semi-professional marketers who don’t mind spending “reasonable” amounts on many of the above costs, typically between $10,000 and $30,000 per year, whose net profits are – typically – less than $60,000 per year (but at least a good number of them are profitable).

  Corporate marketers who,  typically, overspend for their SEO, marketing and paid advertising campaigns, whose budgets are rarely less than  $1,000,000 per year – and whose returns directly resulting from SEO and IM techniques are often difficult if not impossible to measure, because the picture is clouded by their offline advertising efforts, branding, etc.

In virtually all such systems, with rare exceptions, the SEO/IM game is a loss leader and a source of huge frustrations. Basing on the available data, less than one percent of online marketers ever make a profit! 

If you could take most of all those costs out of the equation, and only be left with one challenge: simply convert your PRE-QUALIFIED TRAFFIC – do you think you could run a profitable online business?

There are two payment options with AI-SEO

1) You pay $349 per month and there are no limits to the number of clickthroughs you can receive. The fee also includes maintenance and hosting and is guaranteed never to go up for as long as you keep the service running!

2) You pay $1499 setup fee, after which you get 3 months free. Thereafter you pay $299 per month. Everything else is included, just like in the first option.

It’s a no-brainer!

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