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Allow me to explain how both these methodologies work, and what you will achieve if you subscribe to either of them:


Achieve hundreds, even thousands of
top Google ranks (and on other major engines).

Drive almost exclusively targeted and highly pre-qualified  human traffic (minimum fluff).

Receive the precise blueprint in which the system is  spelled out in simple and clear terms,
which – if you follow them – will not only achieve these results but will also turn you into a real SEO expert in your own right.

Learn how to research keywords and optimize your pages in a way that no other system currently does – this includes dozens of original insights, virtually unknown to the SEO community today.

Learn how to do the best quality and most efficient
backlinking as well as 
ensure that your site will never run afoul of Google.

Do all of the above in a 100% white-hat way, respecting all of Google’s rules and operational principles, also taking care that the end-users get the best possible searching experience

Learn cool algorithmic insights and new discoveries which have been unearthed after many months of intellectually “backengineering” Google’s alogrithm and rigorously testing them all, completely overturning many popular SEO myths in the process.

Always remain compatible with future revisions of the Google algorithm.

Do all this in a step-by-step FREE process research your keywords, evaluate them, and then implement them on your siteAnd then learn how to follow up from there.

Learn how to monitor your results on a daily basis,
ensuring that you’re never – ever – “guessing” or “hoping” for good resultsDiscover the pleasure of knowing and
being able to predict what your results will be,
with increasing accuracy

Sounds pretty good so far?

So let me tell you a little more.

While I’ve had sites where I’ve been able to dominate the Google rankings in under a month and drive fantastic, qualified, human traffic already from the second or
third week onwards, it must be said that on average a site  optimized using the SEOlater principles takes between 1 and 3 months to achieve between 200 and 500 top-10 Google ranks and between 3 and 6 months to completely
dominate its niche (and achieving thousands of top-10  keywords in the process). Show me another “secret guru method” which comes even close to this!

While some of my clients’ sites have achieved 100,000+ targeted and highly qualified visits in less than 3 months, the majority tend to achieve between 5,000 and 10,000 monthly visits in that time. All real – all human – all targeted!

Over time (typically within 3-6 months) a SEOlater-based site will continue climbing in the ranks and increasing its traffic, running smoothly with less and less work needed to keep it on top.

The SEOlater method allows you to conquer the web
without the need for any typical cash outlays. No media buying, no paid ads, no expensive backlinking, no paying for traffic.
But it does require that you do some work.

NOTE: I typically work around 10 to 15 hours per week, per site in the first month, then between 5 and 10 hours per week in the next month, finally between 1 and 5 hours per week from month 3 onwards. If I do that dilligently, I’m 100% assured of achieving the objective I’ve outlined for you above. In each and every case of my clients and users of the SEOlater methodology have had the same or even better results as well!

If you would like to know more details about this system, please click HERE.

OK, so what’s the DEAL?

It costs $12 monthly to download all the information, tools and datasheets and to join the SEOlater membership site, where you get dozens (actually more like hundreds) of resources, articles, videos, demonstrations, analyses, etc. And it keeps growing all the time.

It’s an IM and SEO resource site you will visit daily for many  months to come.

You have NO RISK in committing to this system. I offer a 60-day guarantee that you’ll love it – or your money back. I’m online all the time and will personally refund your money if you’re not happy in any way.

I WILL, however, ask you to tell me why you might want a refund, because I want to learn what could possibly be unsatisfactory with this system – to better help future users.

Please sign me up for the SEOlater membership site:

ONLY $12

But what if you don't have the time or the head for all that work...?

In that case,


let me introduce you to…

Artificial Intelligence SEO

Here’s what you’ll get in this PRO-level service:

100% guaranteed results as per the above SEOlater technique, but we do EVERYTHING for you – other than actually converting your clients (which, if your site is at least half-decent, you’ll be able to do very well yourself!)

We even generate REAL LEADS for you on a regular basis!

We guarantee that you will have no less than 120,000 targeted REAL VISITS wthin the first 3 months of using this service!

(If you can’t make money with this kind of real targeted volume of human visitors – perhaps you should look for another line of business…?)

* This system will literally spoon-feed you the HIGHEST QUALITY pre-qualified customers on a daily basis!

This system is using real artificial intelligence, developed by a former IBM engineer, and it is the only system of its kind in the world! You’ll start believing in magic!

 Artificial Intelligence SEO is intended for professional users, who have a product or service  they KNOW will sell and convert on their site if only they could have real, high quality traffic – ideally
without getting their hands dirty!

Once you sign up for this service, we will manually set your site’s parameters up within our system (after you provide us with basic information such as your priority keywords, goals, niches, URLs, etc)simple formalities.

* You will then start seeing the first surge of “test traffic” within the first 2-4 weeks.
This traffic, however, will not YET be the TOP QUALITY traffic which we have 100% guaranteed above. This is just “warm up” traffic which our Artificial Intelligence SEO system uses to learn about your clients and convert them into LEADS for you!

Also within this period, you will notice that your site will begin ranking on literally hundreds of keywords on Google and other engines. But… this is
just warm up, as I said. The real fun begins in month 2.

Starting from the second month – and from there on for as long as you will keep this service (which, in our experience so far has been 100% of our clients
with not a single refund!
) – the number of the HIGHEST POSSIBLE QUALITY LEADS, TRAFFIC and RANKS will continue to grow daily. If your site can convert –
even if it’s only so-so at it – you will EARN LIKE CRAZY!

There is NO OTHER SYSTEM on the Internet which can GUARANTEE this level of ultra high quality traffic – with NO WORK FOR YOU and with NO WORRIES about backlinking, optimizing, keyword research, etc – in such a blindingly fast

Your ONLY job will be to ensure that you have something attractive to buyers and that your site converts at least well enough to assure you of steady incomes.

A number of the largest companies in the world have contracted Artificial Intelligence SEO and they’re achieving better results than ever before in their online campaigns.

The guarantee is unconditional. If we don’t deliver this unheard-of-quality traffic to you within the time specified – we will give you every penny back. Immediately.

If you wish to learn more about this system, click HERE.

Because this system is entirely hands-free for you, and requires quite a bit of set up and preparation on our end, some of it manual, some driven by our highly advanced custom software, the cost may be out of reach for newbie marketers. The normal price is $1499 to set up and three months free trial run, then monthly $299 per site. However, for our members we can offer it for only $349 monthly, flat fee, per site (setup included, but no free trial period).

Please sign me up for the Artificial Intelligence SEO


Both of the above systems work superbly well!

is fantastic for people on a
budget who don’t mind spending a little time tinkering with their site –
and even learning lots about SEO in the process. And it uses only FREE resources!

The results are awesome – and you have NO RISK – because if you don’t like this system, you can simply ask for your money back!

Artificial Intelligence SEO 
is the system you want if you want to get on with OTHER things, and only use your site(s) as cash generators.

As you can imagine, just from the description above, this system can pay for
itself in a matter of DAYS, once the full campaign is launched.

No nonsense.

No time wasteage.

Only super QUALITY results!

succeed online fast

So, go ahead and take the plunge 
and stop buying endless marketing systems
 which simply don’t work nearly as well as this!

Please sign me up for the SEOlater membership site, on the following terms:

ONLY $12

(monthly subscription) 

Please sign me up for the Artificial Intelligence SEO, on the following terms:


(monthly subscription) 




























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