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seolaterIt is my hope that you will find SEOlater not merely useful – but also transformative. Just as I have.

SEOlater is a deep keyword research system with a bit of a difference. While I appreciate the value of many of the existing keyword research tools, few if any of them explain exactly why they make their keyword recommendations. As a result, it’s actually quite easy to get the wrong keywords out of them – or, at best, generic ones – as if one size could ever fit all.

SEOlater may give you the first impression that it’s a lot of work. I have two answers to that: Firstly, it is, sort of – but – it’s not much more work (IF it’s actually more) than what you have to do with some of the industry leading programs of this type). Secondly, it’s the kind of work which pays you back in spades. So every minute you spend with this system will be well worth it, because it will make understanding keywords a breeze. Check this page out first, to get a better idea of what you’re about to learn: SEOlater Express.

There is a slightly “tedious” part involved here but that’s only to do with building your data spreadsheet. Mind you, I said “tedious”, not “difficult.” Under normal circumstances it will take you a couple of hours to do for a medium-sized site. But then you’ll have achieved more keyword insight and SEO power than with any other system! And that can be priceless, as you’ll soon discover…! 🙂

Using The SEOlater Member Area

The right sidebar contains all the video modules for the latest version of SEOlater – and much more. The top menu bar contains all the additional resources and instructions as well as the downloads area, tools, etc.

If you haven’t done so already, download the latest template sheet now. And then proceed to watch all the videos, from top to bottom.

NOTE: You can watch the instructional videos in a number of ways. You can simply click on one of the category names in the sidebar, and then play the videos directly from the overview. Or you may prefer to additionally click on the page title – this way you will only see one video at a time, but will have the additional option of bookmarking it. In this manner, when you click on your PROFILE, you will see which videos you’ve bookmarked for easy reference!

Additionally, further below in the sidebar, I included the previous version of SEOlater (v.1.3). The reason I have it here is not just for your reference, but also because I explained some things a little differently in there (a lot more step-by-step detail when it comes to editing the sheet) – and some people may like that better. So, you might say, I left it here for the die-hard researchers.

The top menu also includes abbreviated recaps of all the most important procedures for your reference.

Feedback & Support

I appreciate any feedback you can give me, and by all means share your success stories! Additionally, if you ever have any questions, comments or criticisms, don’t hesitate to let me know. I aim to make this resource the best it can possibly be. To contact me, look under the General menu (top of page), under “Contact”.

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