A lot of my new members ask me for a simple map for how BEST to surf this site. See if this makes sense to you:

  1. http://seolater.net/members/ – home page. Listen through the video.
  2. http://seolater.net/members/ – home page and submenus. Open each one and get a GENERAL idea.
  3. http://seolater.net/members/login/profile/ – your profile. That’s where your login information as well as your bookmarks are stored.
  4. http://seolater.net/members/seolater-express/ – An express overview of SEOlater.
  5. http://seolater.net/members/welcome2/ – welcome page of the Members Area. Listen to the video. You could go from here using the “Next” links (bottom of each article), but if this is your FIRST time on the SEOlater site, why not go here next:
  6. http://seolater.net/members/warrior-forum-presentation/ – some general concepts are explained in here. It’s a “general” type of presentation, but I think it will help put you in the right frame of mind to explore the rest of SEOlater.
  7. You can also read through these articles: http://seolater.net/members/category/videos/seolater-1-5/5-principles/1-5-2-milestones/ and http://seolater.net/members/category/videos/seolater-1-5/5-principles/1-5-3-more-techniques/ – they will give you a good idea of why learning the SEOlater method will be very valuable to you.
  8. You can now go and download the SEOlater sheet: http://seolater.net/members/members/downloads/. You can either download the “Blank SEOlater Template Spreadsheet” OR you can download the “Blank KeywordAikido Extension 01 Spreadsheet”. They are near-identical, but the KeywordAikido one has various tracking formulas within it. If you’ve never used spreadsheets before, I suggest you start with the SEOlater sheet first, learn everything and LATER you can add on the KeywordAikido sheet to that. There’s a video there which explains how to do that.
  9. You’re now ready to start learning SEOlater. Go back to http://seolater.net/members/welcome2/  and after each page, click on NEXT, watch the video and follow along. You can bookmark anything you’d like to come back to using the bookmark icon on top of each article/video.
  10. You CAN also dive right into the general SEO discoveries section which starts from http://seolater.net/members/warrior-forum-presentation/ (see point 6 above), and just go “Next” after each video. But the TECHNICAL description of how to use the main sheet and how to optimize starts here: http://seolater.net/members/welcome2/

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