The following questions and answers are condensed from real correspondence and conversations with existing and potential SEOlater users.

Q: Why do you believe that using a spreadsheet it “better” than having a fully integrated, push-button system? 

A: There’s room for both! Personally, I like to see what is under the hood. As a business owner – and a commercial website IS a business – I absolutely WANT to know everything that goes on in my company. If an accountant comes to me saying “don’t worry about how I arrived at the figures, just use them” – I worry. In fact, I wouldn’t accept that. In much the same way, if a keyword program tells you “don’t worry why we say that those keywords are ‘good’, just use them” – I’m puzzled and unconvinced. Actually, at first I WAS convinced and tried optimizing my sites with those keywords… and I failed each time. Sure, maybe I did “some” things wrong here or there, maybe I implemented them wrongly – whatever. But ultimately I failed so many times that you could say that either I was particularly stupid – or – there was something not quite right about those recommendations! And judging by the fact that, by some accounts, something like ONLY 1 in 1000 marketers manages to make ANY incomes on the web, I’d say there is reason to be slightly suspicious. SEOlater demystifies keywords. The price is that you need to spend a little more time on them, but you’ll quickly find that it’s not actually a “price”. It’s a “reward!” Because soon you’ll start ranking and then all that work will have paid off.

Q: How tedious and time-consuming is SEOlater, truthfully?

A: To best answer this, I’ll tell you what SEOlater users have been reporting. I’m, obviously, partial – and I don’t think it’s any more tedious than doing it the supposedly “automated” way. Just a bit different. Still – the FIRST reaction of almost all the persons I’ve interviewed about this is that this is “gonna be a LOT of work!” Next, after they become familiar with the reasons for why it is spreadsheet-based and so on, they get started with – typically – a lot of trepidation. And then… they turn around and say “hey, this ain’t so hard!” But after that, they almost always agree that the approach SEOlater offers is far better than any they’ve tried. They love the transparency and depth of understanding they very quickly achieve with SEOlater – something which is simply not part of the feature set of most, if not all, automated solutions.

Q: It seems to me that it might take me a day or more to research all my keywords – and only then will I be able to start optimizing my site. How is that an advantage?

A: Two answers to this. Firstly, it depends on what kind of keyword and for what kind of site you’re researching. Secondly, what you gain in speed with the automated solutions, you lose in depth and understanding. “Rush slowly,”  as the old saying goes. Even novice users can do a comprehensive keyword set study for a mini-site (typically between 200 and 500 keywords) in less than 5-6 hours. I can do it in about 2. As for a content site – this depends on the size and type of the content site. Many content sites are multi-niche and their keyword sets CAN be enormous. In those cases, SEOlater will actually perform faster than automated solutions, believe it or not! Additionally, while on the initial side the automated solutions have the advantage of speed and seeming convenience, once the keyword set is fully developed, nothing beats the immediacy and interactivity of SEOlater when it comes to working with entire sets.

Q: What do you mean when you say that SEOlater gives everyone their own unique edge? Is that just sales talk?

A: It’s NOT sales talk at all, but I admit that it sounds a bit like it! Since SEOlater is based on a spreadsheet, you have full access to all the formulas and not only can you change them if you like (I explain when and how that might be appropriate), but you can also sort and filter all the data in an almost unlimited number of ways, thus arriving at your own individualized results. Chances are that if two SEOlater users work in the same niche, they will agree on about 70% of the results, while the remainder will depend on their own approach and logic. The same goes for the page optimization techniques which are explained quite thoroughly in SEOlater. I go to great lengths to tell you WHY those techniques may or may not work for you and then YOU decide with eyes wide open. The final outcome is a highly individualized application of SEOlater. It’s still the same system – just a different flavor. But, granted, don’t expect to be doing all this on day one. On day one, just follow the instructions and you’ll do really well. Once you’ve completely figured it out – you’ll get WINGS!

Q: I understand your logic and explanations of certain new SEO procedures which you recommend, but how can I be sure that they’re actually correct? Some of your suggestions are completely opposite to what 99% of the experts say!

A: You should NEVER EVER take my word for anything, unless you feel logically convinced. Or better yet: experimentally convinced. I have arrived at my sometimes “iconoclastic” opinions after having invested time and money into the “tried and tested” ones. While some of them work, others don’t. And I didn’t want to waste another year with no incomes. I set out to test things quite rigorously and then I attempted to formulate conclusions and “rules”.  I admit that some of my conclusions may have alternative explanations, but so far they’re all borne out by the facts and I’ve not seen reason to modify too many of them. If ever I do make new discoveries, I immediately share them with my SEOlater members. And I hope you will too, once you get familiar with the whole process. Bottom line is this: I personally use 100% of everything I tell you on this site! And it’s served me exceedingly well too! So, while I don’t pretend that it will “for sure” work for you too, I do feel that chances are pretty darned good that it will!

Q: Just tell me how long will it take me to make money using SEOlater!

A: SEOlater is NOT about making money. It’s about driving highly targeted organic (i.e. free) traffic to your site. That’s the best kind of traffic, actually. Once you get that traffic, converting it to sales is up to you. I do offer some suggestions for how best to convert within SEOlater, but that’s really not the point here. I will, however, be offering more conversion ideas within my upcoming Keyword Aikido system and I’ll post SOME of them on the SEOlater site as time goes by. So, just to recap: SEOlater will help you get killer traffic. The kind you always dreamed of. Once you get it – use your marketing head and do some reading to figure out the best ways to get people to buy from you. This said, as I say within the SEOlater pages, people will buy from you much more easily if they view you as an “authority” in your niche and if they trust you. Oh, and finally, to answer your question a bit more directly – it took me over a year of trying different techniques and I never made a penny. It took me a month of trying SEOlater (after I’ve formulated all of its operating principles) to turn that around 180…!

Q: In one place on the SEOlater site you mention that I will never “need” another program unless I choose to for “convenience”, but in another place you say that as a SEOlater owner I’ll have a special discount for your next product “Keyword Aikido”. How does that make sense, and why would I want your next product? Also, doesn’t it imply that there’s something “incomplete” about SEOlater?

A: Hehe…! So much for trying to make an emphatic point. What I meant is that you won’t NEED to buy another keyword discovery program. You may CHOOSE to do so, in order to get some extra features you might particularly desire and which SEOlater may not provide (but it provides just about everything that really matters!). But some programs may give you quicker research and save you some waiting time – and then you might copy their results into SEOlater. I actually used to do that for a while, but now I ONLY use SEOlater and nothing else.  As for Keyword Aikido, it’s a “second stage” of SEOlater. It includes SEOlater and then adds a whole layer of strategies not only to different kinds of keyword research but also to optimization, backlinking and so forth. It is possible that you will discover all these things on your own as you use SEOlater. I did – why not you! I’m already using Keyword Aikido on a daily basis and it rocks – and I’m sure it will work superbly for you too. But I’m just not finished with all the documentation, case studies, videos and so forth. I’m positive that you will find it a natural progression from SEOlater – and the best thing is that it will not only NOT invalidate anything you’re doing with SEOlater – it will further reinforce it and build on it. And as for SEOlater being “incomplete” – it is logically complete and WORKS. BUT – as ANY system, it evolves and gets better, more fine-tuned and more powerful and sophisticated with time. There are also some modules which I will eventually automate – but only to a point. As a proud owner of SEOlater you will get them FREE of any extra charges as they get developed!

Q: Did you ever do head-to-head comparisons of the SEOlater functionality versus established market leaders?

A: Funny you should ask! I did. And not only did I do it, I did it with NO PREJUDICE. I actually “wanted” SEOlater to “lose” because it was taking me so much time to develop. So if I could have found a “better” way which was already developed, believe me, I would have gone for it and not wasted any more time on SEOlater. I’m showing some of the test results on my Keyword Aikido preview page, but I have TONS more that I did and will be posting them in the members’ area as time permits. Bottom line: SEOlater saved MY financial future. Need I say more?

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