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What they said about SEOlater...

I thought this was going to be just a more time consuming system that got the same results… But clearly I was wrong! Paul’s system is truly a sight to be seen. The time and effort put into this is no less than amazing & it really is UNIQUE. Does it take some time to use it? Sure, but when you factor in all the time you spend messing with tools, it’s literally NO DIFFERENT. Yet, the results are so much better and it’s free. Not to mention, his videos he gives you access to shows you EXACTLY what to do. No stone is left unturned and if you do need help, Paul might be the most helpful guy I’ve ever encountered that does SEO. Seriously, if you don’t go for this when it’s even got a money back guarantee, you’re just wasting an opportunity to change the way you develop an awesome, long-lasting SEO strategy.–Mike Schauer, www.championwebdesign.com

Amazing. I work in SEO and this have given me a new slant on what can be done! Very highly recommended !!!! AAAAA+++++++++++–Lee, www.lee-johnson.com

Wow, amazing! Well worth the money. I previously purchased products for much more and it was not a 1/4 as good as this. He should charge way more for all of this data. His suggestions are spot on and I can not wait to implement. Bravo!–Gina, www.memorabledreamparties.com

I may be a doctor and a psychologist, but this doesn’t mean I have the first idea about SEO. Each time I tried to learn a little about it, I got more and more depressed. Perhaps I’ve gone senile with old age. All these systems are so complicated even when they tell you they’re easy. After trying a few I knew it would never work for me. I didn’t get anywhere with them. I then hired some SEO experts. Disaster. They promised me the world but didn’t deliver a single rank on Google. So when I discovered Paul’s system I was dubious at first - especially when he said I would need to use a spreadsheet. I know NOTHING about spreadsheets. But after some weeks I decided to try it. I had a few free evenings coming up, so why not. What I learned from this system made sense to me instantly. And then it turned out that working this, following Paul’s step by step instructions, was actually not hard. Even if it was a little time-consuming. But that is forgotten now, because for the first time ever my site is beginning to rank and I’m finally beginning to make sales of my Panic Attack system. Just days from starting - it’s amazing - I’m able to find my site with Google! If I can do this at 67, I think anyone can. It’s by far the BEST keyword research and Google ranking system I have tried - ever.–Dr Frank R. Stahl PhD, www.thedreamwalk.com

Probably, one of the best SEO expert around. It's authoritative, clear and easy to follow. With it under your belt you can really go out there and dominate Google as you please.–Ben Jaffe, www.reversephonecounsel.com

I'm already blown away. This is worth $1000s! You are a real credit to SEO. Thanks A****–www.valleyroofinguk.com

I want to keep this real for everyone Paul, so I will be evenhanded in my review. This is not a system for everyone. It requires patience and dedication. Most marketers will probably not have the long-term vision required by SEOlater. It is everything they do NOT want. It’s not automated enough, it is not snazzy-looking, it is not for the lazy dreamers that most people are. It took me a week to fully get into it, but I gave it that time because from the first minute I knew it would be worth it. After a few more weeks, I’m still discovering new things here. And I can also tell everyone what it IS: it is THE most powerful way to get your site ranked on ANY keyword you like with only minimum reliance on backlinks. It demands that you do the work, but unlike other systems I know, here you get everything explained clearly so you KNOW WHY you’re doing it. The logic here is great. Best of all: it ACTUALLY WORKS!–Oscar, www.costarent.net

Wow, impressive! Invaluable...for experts, Nuggets are numerous. TWO THUMBS WAY UP!–Charles Holland, www.charlesincolorado.com

Great! - made us realize there is more to selecting keywords that we thought, and we are rethinking our strategy.–Malbee, www.ohbabyblogger.com

I have used Market Samurai and it confused the hell out of me. I tried Keyword Spy, Niche Bot and Keyword Elite as well and a few more. Some good things there between all these programs but nothing I did ever ranked anyway. Their explanations didn’t convince me and they don’t really tell you HOW to use their keywords to “guarantee” ranking. So when I saw SEOlater I was sure it was going to be more of the same. And on top of it all it uses Excel so I was sure I would hate it. But I tried it because I had no other choice. BOY am I glad I did! I have never seen so much down-to-earth information, so many things made incredibly clear. Why doesn’t anyone else talk like this? Why aren’t there more tools like this? Paul’s SEO discoveries and keyword management method are responsible for my ranking with 5 of my sites and I cant wait to get to my next one. I can not recommend this enough. After the initial IMPRESSION that this is “too much work” you will soon discover it is MUCH LESS work than with any “normal” keyword program in the long term, and if you follow the instructions you WILL rank just like I did. SEO product of the YEAR, as far I’m concerned!–George Banks, www.3stageskincare.info

Great Job!!! It was exactly what I needed. Super communications!!! You will not be disappointed!!!–Ken Robak, www.kens-anglers.com

Folks this is DIFFERENT to anything you’ve tried. I love how simply Paul explains his discoveries and how modest he is about them. He is turning the world of SEO on its head with some of the things he says, but trust me this stuff WORKS like nothing else I’ve tried. And I tried a lot! When I first tried SEOlater I thought it would benefit from more automation like my Market Samurai. So you could say I was initially a little disappointed and on the fence about this. But I gave it a try and my eyes started opening. I didn’t expect that! I now consider myself a keyword expert and I have proven to myself that I can get my sites to rank like never before. What a treasure trove of information. Just the original insights Paul provides are worth a hundred times the cover price. Add to this the brilliantly conceived data sheet - and you’re looking at the most powerful SEO method on the market today. Goodbye bullsh*t backlinks, goodbye to all the unsubstantiated claims by idiot IM gurus. Here I’ve learned HOW to virtually backengineer Google by myself and I haven’t looked back since. So empowering. The BEST BUY in my online history!–Mark Johnson, www.indiebus.com

The wrong keywords and SEO strategy will leave u bloody and broke. You'll end up crashing head first into a concrete dead end (ask me how I know). If u own a website, or know someone who owns a website, u owe it to yourself to buy this.–Mark, www.naturalweightlosstipsforwomen.com

Thank you so much for your kindness. I need to tell the public that you are the best, you TELL the truth, nothing but the TRUTH, the real truth inside Google that no one else tell you at that price. Everyone who sees this message, Pauley is very honest!!! Try him now !!!A+++–www.accountants.inboxhilllocalarea.com

Brilliant - masses of advice. Learned more about SEO from this than I've learnt in the rest of my time online!–Don, www.all-about-pregnancy.org

Take a pinch of clear unpretentious knowledge backed by easily provable tests, sprinkle it with simply explained procedures, add free tools to help things move along, and you’ve got a killer combo. But then add the personal support, hours of videos and hundreds of pages of well-researched original information and you have something here which will MURDER all other SEO products. You’ll probably never meet another expert of this calibre online who will ALSO be so willing to communicate and help you, while overdelivering on every front. This is the best keyword research system I have ever tried and it’s also much more that just that. You’d be nuts not to try it, and you’d be positively STUPID not to try it at THIS PRICE! Watch out for jealous competitors, Paul. This is TOO GOOD and will threaten MANY people!–Jody, www.beautysavers.net

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