Keyword Aikido

Some of you may already have heard about it. I took quite a long time to finish researching and developing this system. In the process, I’ve “leaked” quite a lot of information about it, mainly through the clients whom I was testing everything on. 🙂

And by now, a few derivative products have already been released by others as a result! (Yeah, I checked them out and they only contain the most obvious aspects of what I’ve discovered here!)

Keyword Aikido is a NICHE DOMINATION SYSTEM quite possibly unlike anything else you’ve seen to date. I aim to make this the LAST SEO/IM system you’ll even need to buy! The results I have achieved with it so far – and my beta-testers/clients – leave no doubt whatsoever that this is by a mile the most powerful system of its kind you’ll ever find. And best of all, it’s entirely simple D.I.Y. I think you’ll be pretty amazed!

You can read a little more about it here: www.keywordaikido.com and be sure to check back here often for the release announcement.

Note: I have decided that all SEOlater members will get an AUTOMATIC upgrades to Keyword Aikido, even as I get it ready for release. So I have recently added a small extra spreadsheet (under Downloads) with a “Keyword Aikido Extension” – and more will follow when I have time to prepare them for public use. Stay tuned and come back often!


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