I’m not sure it’s necessary or even called for to be presenting “proof” that this system works really well – but, at length, I’ve decided to give you a few screenshots from among thousands of available results (literally thousands!). In the examples below I decided to focus only on some of the more tricky keywords – the kind that are notoriously the most difficult to conquer. Highly focused keywords, including brand names, usually have only moderate amounts of competition and they are almost always the focus of the various “guru systems” teaching you how to get to #1 on supposedly “any” keyword. With SEOlater and Keyword Aikido, keywords of that type generally fall into the category “child’s play!” 🙂 Below, I’ve included only a tiny selection of snapshots of keywords my clients’ sites had “no right” to conquer after only a couple of months of promotion, against some truly serious competition who have been at it for years. (Also, I show more results in my main introduction to SEOlater on this site)

So let’s have a look:

This result took about 6 weeks to achieve. But what about an even tougher one…?

This one also took about the same amount of time!

If you argued that bail bonds is a relatively small niche, you’d be pretty wrong – particularly if you knew just how competitive it is. But even so, let’s look at something a bit “more challenging.”

It might be worth noting that the manufacturer’s various websites took up all but one position on the first page when I made this screenshot! At other times, the rank of my client’s site has reached as high as #2 and will almost certainly do so again!

And a similar situation here as well. My SEOlater/Keyword Aikido client is one of only two websites not directly affiliated with this manufacturer on this page.

Oh, and yes – also here. I helped the client dominate most of the biggest brand names in the furniture business.

OK… that was just one more for good measure. Out of a total of over 600 conquered keywords!

Ah, but you may still doubt this. After all, these are such specific brands and all that. Never mind that there are literally tens of thousands of furniture websites which would LOVE to rank on those brand names, but why not take something really challenging?

OK, let’s see if we can manage…

I couldn’t believe just how competitive this innocent-looking niche actually is.

That’s another out of over 200 page-1 keywords this client has achieved so far…!

Now look at another interesting one.

And that’s just one out of over 400 similar results! Interestingly, my client has temporarily stopped promoting his site, and the above result is listed after about 2 months of inactivity. While actively promoting, it was consistently at #1!

And what about this next one? A small but fiercely competitive niche:

Another example:

And what about local sites? Here’s an interesting one:

Or this one (another one out of over 2000 keywords conquered by my client!):

Foreign language sites yield equally easily. Here’s just one example out of nearly 300 top keywords that this client conquered so far:

The methodology used to conquer all these keywords is my Keyword Aikido, but the keyword research and application are 100% SEOlater!

Currently, out of nearly 100 sites which I manage, more than 50 have been running this system for over 3 months. ALL have conquered a MASS of keywords (around 300 on average, per site, after 3 months). And a couple have nailed nearly 5000 keywords after less than 6 months of promotion – from ZERO! The smallest result after 3 months is a site with “only” around 200 keywords conquered. And ALL of these keywords were researched and “discovered” by SEOlater!

Yes, you could do a lot worse than use SEOlater! 🙂


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