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SEOlater is the result of two years of frustration, trying to “conquer” the web. Some of the methods I’ve learned (and paid a bundle for, for the most part), at best have worked only partially while most didn’t work at all. Not all failed me because they were “bad”. Many failed me because they were either incomplete or they were explained in such a poor way that they might as well be worthless. Some failed me because I didn’t understand them correctly. Certainly not all “gurus” are bad. But, frankly, most SUCK at explaining things.

But I also learned that many of the existing tools and methodologies have holes in them. And almost all contain huge generalizations. But worst of all, they’re all cookie-cutter and “everyone’s using them.” So I needed a tool which was all of those things too – but also much more. Something which I could understand and something which would give me an edge over the competition.

But I couldn’t find anything like that.

So in the end, in utter desperation, I decided to try a different approach. I already had tons of information in my head – and in my notes – and it was so overwhelming that I just couldn’t see how on Earth might I ever be able to make sense of it. So… I decided to disregard everything I knew, and imagine that “I was Google!” Since I used to be a programmer and a Systems Analyst many moons ago, it wasn’t all that hard for me to imagine that a client comes to me and makes a requirement.

And now I needed to understand how I would build a search engine and what would its operational principles be. It was a really good thing that I went about it in this manner. Before long “revelations” started coming. Suddenly everything started making sense. In a way, you could say I sort-of “back-engineered” Google. Not quite, of course, but I did manage to unearth some pretty interesting things.

So, as I continued to “invent” Google, it was then very easy to VERIFY my imagined “rules.” As it turned out, most of them proved to be BANG ON THE MONEY! When I optimized my first couple of sites using rules which I “invented” – I was shocked to see just how quickly they started ranking – and sending me the highest quality traffic!

SEOlater is but one aspect of what I have discovered, albeit probably the most important aspect. SEOlater recognizes that keyword research is the single MOST IMPORTANT function a webmaster can perform. Sure, they’re all important. But if you don’t have good keyword research everything else might as well go to hell.

My upcoming product “Keyword Aikido” will be about NICHE DOMINATION, using my previous two products as well as some new techniques which – to the best of my knowledge – I’m probably the only one who knows about them. Or one of only very few, at the time of this writing!

Stay tuned for that 🙂

Paul Sedkowski (APauley13 🙂

PS – One more thing. A few months ago I bumped into a former IBM engineer Jaime Mendez, who’s based in Hawaii. He’s developed a fully automated system, Artificial Intelligence SEO, which in many ways uses the same principles I’ve developed for SEOlater. But Jaime developed AI-SEO independently and has already achieved great success with it. Some of his clients include a number of the largest companies in the world – and that alone should tell you that they’re not wasting any money! Because I have personally tested Jaime’s system, and because Jaime is a really fantastic person, I decided to promote AI-SEO alongside SEOlater. Where SEOlater is a budget-conscious “Do It Yourself” SEO method, AI-SEO is a “We Do It For You” version, and although it costs qutie a bit more, it’s worth every penny – because it 100% guarantees you traffic and leads!

ONLY $12 !

(monthly subscription) 


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